Processing Applications Received On
February 24, 2021
Police Information Check


DUE TO THE COVID 19 VIRUS, please try ePIC, our on-line Police Information Check system.

If you are not able to use this system, OR if you are not successful in passing the Equifax ID verifier,  please attend Westwinds Headquarters, District 5 Saddle Ridge, District 7 Country Hills OR District 8 Midnapore. Physical distancing and masks are required. Capacity restrictions are in effect which may result in line ups outside the buildings. Please prepare for the weather conditions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Police Information Check Unit, Calgary Police Service



Welcome to ePIC - the electronic Police Information Check online system.

Before continuing, please ensure you have JavaScript enabled on your browser

The Police Information Check Unit of the Calgary Police Service is very pleased to offer the citizens of Calgary the ability to utilize an automated online system for submitting Police Information Checks.

ePIC will allow Applicants the convenience of applying online to submit their applications 24/7 from any location. There is no paperwork required and applicants can monitor the status of their application, any time, through their own personal account. Applicants have the ability to pay for their application through a secure payment system which accepts credit card and interac transactions.

The ePIC system will allow results of the Police Information Check applications to be delivered directly to Applicants for viewing online. Applicants will be able to share their completed Police Information Check results with an Agency and additionally, can share the same results, to multiple agencies without having to submit a new application.

ePIC will allow Agencies the convenience to create accounts and view all of their applicants’ results online. Agencies will have the option of paying for their applicants' Police Information Checks through a secure credit card payment system. Agencies will be able to monitor the Police Information Check Unit application processing dates and manage or track shared applicant results.

Agencies will be able to accept applicants’ shared results, of a Police Information Check, that was originally completed for a different Agency. Sharing completed results with other Agencies can offer less time delays, reduced associated costs and the potential to expedite placement for potential employees, volunteers or students.

The Police Information Check Unit is confident our new ePIC online system will greatly enhance our service to the citizens of Calgary.

NOTE: If you are using a MAC-Safari browser DO NOT hit the back arrow on your browser.  This is known to cause problems with some web based systems.


Our Mission: “To assist in promoting a safe community for our citizens and vulnerable persons through administering thorough, accurate and complete police information background checks for individuals and organizations.”

Our Vision: “To provide the highest level of service for individuals and organizations of our community through ensuring integrity, confidentiality, timeliness, quality and value. To continually seek improvement for the delivery of essential information for public safety and well-being of our citizens."


* Please note: for the purpose of the ePIC online system the term “Agency” will also include reference to a company or an organization.

Choose the following:

Perform Personal Police Information Check - to create a personal account and to submit an application.

Create Agency Account Profile - to register and create an Agency account.

Login with Existing Account - for individuals and Agencies who have already created accounts.


For assistance please contact: or call 403 428-2052


*** Note All Applicants:  To apply for a Police Information Check

                   select  Perform Police Information Check below.